Louisa has done workshops at many festivals and schools over the years.

Her fiddle workshops are the following:

Tune teaching by ear of simple, intermediate or advanced tunes, either trad styles like Old Timey or Celtic, or her own original tunes.

Cross-tuning: Catering to different ability levels. Lyrical or rhythmic styles, trad or her original tunes.

"Fiddlesinging"--Louisa's word for singing with the fiddle. This is a bit like patting the head and rubbing the tummy, but starting out simply is a lot of fun. 

Bowing workshop--Rhythmic techniques, accents, tone quality. 

As well as fiddle , the following workshops are also available:

--Basic moves and learning a song or two to go with it.
Louisa plays a collection of small and unusual instruments--these can be demonstrated in a performance/demo workshop. Spoons, mouthbow, limberjack, fiddlesticks, jawharp, nose flute.

Dulcimer workshop Involves teaching a song with dulcimer accompaniment, using chord shapes she has developed herself over the years. 

Appalachian songs workshop Using dulcimer, mouthbow, spoons, guitar, fiddle. Lyrics provided, getting people to sing together.

Singing Family Style Includes some singing-in-the-car songs and rounds.

Pre-Blues African American folk songs--a whole swag of them--wonderful charming kids' songs..

Kids' songs workshop-- Louisa has directed a children's choir and taught songs for 2 years in a Montessori school, as well as co-heading up the Wise Family Band--plenty of experience there.

Australian themed songs--Louisa writes award winning songs, many on Australian themes, and is happy to pass some of them along, teaching them with lyric sheets..