From UK iconic fiddler/songwriter Nancy Kerr, Strad magazine :
"My hero is Louisa Wise, a fiddle singer who lives in Australia. I'm also a fiddle singer, and Louisa is a guru for that kind of music--in fact, she taught me that term. I first came across her and her music when I was playing in Australia with Eliza Carthy in 1996. We played with her family band...Louisa's fiddle technique is superb and you can hear all kinds of rich folk influences in it, from old-time to Anglo-Celtic and European styles. There's something magical about the way her voice combines with her earthy fiddle sound."

"Louisa writes songs for every occasion, always out of the top drawer." Andy Irvine, Irish music icon of Planxty/Patrick Street/Mosaic.

"An honest and yearning voice--a tremendous talent and treat for those lucky enough to see and share her words and music." Joe Swickard, Emmy and Pulitzer Prize winner/Hall of Fame.Journalist, Detroit, MI. 

"I heard Louisa at NERFA this year and fell in love with her music." Gene Shay (WXPN Radio, Philadelphia/Started the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

"I'm a big fan of Louisa Wise!" Mike Beck of Access Film Music, Chicago. (at Folk Alliance International--Toronto conference 2013)

"Louisa Wise has the musicality and cultural awareness of a true artist"// "Louisa's song This Blue World is a song and fiddle singing performance which is close to perfect. I have carried it around in my head for years!"  Neil Adam, Melbourne 

"A true word-smith whose American past mingles with her Australian present to make a fine set of songs" John Davidson, Blackburn VIC 

"An evening with Louisa is so much fun - our whole family looks forward to seeing her take out all those instruments. Jaw bow is our all-time favourite!" The Turner Family, Newlyn 

"Louisa Wise is a force of nature - no one else matches her." Virginia Green, Sydney 

"Louisa's musicianship is a powerful mix of multi-instrumental fitness, a haunting singing voice and outstanding composition and songwriting talent."  The Donnybrook-Bridgetown Mail

 "Louisa's voice and her lyric writing have a combination of innocence and sophistication which evokes some of the McGarrigle Sisters' classics. These songs convey perfectly their writer's joy and enthusiasm for what she does, and they get right to the guts of why those lifers among us are passionate about acoustic music....Her music is a personal statement in which we get components of Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, traditional Appalachian stringband music, country blues, and a unique twist that is all Louisa's. Combine this with a pervasive sense of place in the Australian bush and you get a highly individual creative vision." Steve Barnes, Artswest magazine.

"Lyrics subtle enough to offer listeners the opportunity to think and interpret for themselves. An unusual experience, really. The love songs are not sentimental, the social comments are not  'protest' songs, the tunes are not just reels...'Fremantle Song' expresses pure delight rather than enthusiastic parochialism. Also, it is refreshing to be offered lyrics that do not say 'Look at me!' or 'Poor me!' ...the range of (backing) instruments is wide but they are selected with taste, not displayed from ego." Beth Hurford, Town Crier Magazine

"...Music which is a bit of a nightmare for those who like to tie these things up in neat little boxes. It's a unique blend of Appalachian and country influences and the feeling for traditional things Anglo-Celtic and Australian that she enjoys...'Karridale Woman's Song' is a stunner! It avoids mawkish sentiment by the matter-of-fact tone of the wife and the authentic detail of the timber cutting. The tune alternates between major and minor with minimal accompaniment that leaves the sensitivity of the vocal to wind up the emotional clock and leave the eyes prickling....Winterbeach is an instant winner. Not many songwriters can turn early morning masochistic phunges into the Indian Ocean into such a zestful, bluesy stew of seaweed and goosebumps..." Ken Ferguson, The West Australian  

"This one takes my breath away! (Karridale Woman's Song) It had a profound effect on me when I heard Louisa perform it..." Murray Jennings, Town Crier Magazine

"Her songs are melodically, structurally and vocally adventurous and densely satisfying..a unique blend of Appalachian, Anglo-Celtic and Australian music...Her love song for Scott  "Rennaissance Man" sidesteps potential embarrassment through humor and the total avoidance of cliche...Her songs have always been personal and internal in the way people associate with the likes of Joni Mitchell. There is no sloganeering or jumping on the latest bandwagon." Ken Ferguson, The West Australian

"Many could identify with the songs which took you from the carefree to the careworn but always with great humanity and joy." Alister Wilson, The West Australian