Award-winning singer-songwriter Louisa Wise has delighted Australian folk festival audiences since she moved to Australia from the US in 1981. Louisa writes contemporary and traditional style folk songs and tunes, and plays fiddle, guitar, Appalachian dulcimer, piano, mouthbow, spoons and other small instruments. Her 2020 album All Of These Things was a finalist in the 2021 Music Victoria Awards in the Best Folk Album category. She has recorded many albums that feature her songs and fiddling. While her music illustrates a strong connection with folk music traditions, her powerful voice, heartfelt stories, and explorative melodies create a sound that is all her own.

She has performed at many Australian festivals including Woodford Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival, and Fairbridge Folk Festival. She has toured solo in Australia and America and in Ireland with Andy Irvine as part of The Wise Family Band.